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Indian geography gk
Indian Geography GK Questions

1. The Largest Irrigation Canal In India is :
Ans. Indira Gandhi Canal.

2. Kaziranga National Park is situated in :
Ans. Assam.

3. Name the Longest Lake in India :
Ans. Vembanad Lake

4. Which state of India famous for Coal Mines :
Ans. Jharkhand.

5. The State which tops in the production of Rubber:
Ans. Kerala.

6. In Which State is Jog falls Located:
Ans. Karnataka.

7. Karakoram pass is a mountain pass between India and :
Ans. China.

8. Nathu -La pass is situated in Which state:
Ans. Sikkim.

9. What is the position of India in terms of Area in the World :
Ans. Seventh.

10. Which Soil is Most Suitable for Cotton:
Ans. Black Soil.

11. Which is called the Lake district of India:
Ans. Nainital.

12. Lucknow is situated at the bank of Which river:
Ans. Gomati River.

13. Bhakra dam is situated in :
Ans. Bilaspur (Himachal Pradesh)

14. Ahmedabad is situated along the bank of :
Ans. Sabarmati River.

15. The Longest River of Peninsular India is:
Ans. Godavari.

16. National botanical garden is located at:
Ans. Kolkata.

17. Name of the First Organic state in India:
Ans. Sikkim.

18. Yellow revolution is related to:
Ans. Oil Seeds.

19. White Revolution is related to:
Ans. Milk/Dairy.

20. Black Revolution is related to:
Ans. Petroleum.

21. Golden Revolution is related to:
Ans. Horticulture/Honey.

22. Delhi is situated at the bank of Which River:
Ans. Jamuna.

23. ‘ Mixed farming ’ means:
Ans. Rearing of cattle and agriculture.

24. Anantpur district in Andhra Pradesh is famous for :
Ans. Gold.

25. In India, there are many coal fields found in:
Ans. Damodar Valley.

26. The Hutti Gold mines are located in the state of:
Ans. Karnataka.

27. The Largest producer of Lignite in India is:
Ans. Tamil Nadu.

28. The Largest Solar Power plant in India is located at:
Ans. Madhapur.

29. Which state in India has the largest coastline ?
Ans. Gujarat.

30. Which is the largest state (Area wise ) in India ?
Ans. Rajasthan.

31. Which place is called as “ Silicon Valley of India “ ?
Ans. Bengaluru.

32. Raipur is the capital of Which Indian state ?
Ans. Chhattisgarh.

33. Where is Indian Institute of Petroleum located ?
Ans. Dehradun.

34. The famous Lagoon lake of India is:
Ans. Chilka Lake.

35. Palk Strait separates :
Ans. India and Shri lanka.

36. Mansarovar Lake is situated in:
Ans. Tibet.

37. ‘ Loktak ‘ is a:
Ans. Lake.

38. The pass located in himachal Pradesh:
Ans. Shipkila.

39. In Which state is the Guru Shikhar peak located ?
Ans. Rajasthan.

40. The coast that belongs to Kerala is Known as:
Ans. Malabar Coast.

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