Rrb Ntpc Expected Gk Questions Pdf-Study95


Rrb Ntpc Gk

1. Who was the First Women Speaker of the Lok Sabha ?
Ans. Meira Kumar.

2. Who discovered North Pole ?
Ans. Robert Peary.

3. Who was Known as the Father of Indian Railways ?
Ans. Lord Dalhousie.

4. What is Name the capital of Ireland ?
Ans. Dublin.

5. Durand Line is the International boundary between:
Ans. Between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

6. First Indian Woman Airline Pilot:
Ans. Durga Banerjee.
7. First Person to get Paramvir chakra:
Ans. Major Somnath Sharma.

8. National Sports day celebrated on:
Ans. 29 August.

9. Which Article is related to Fundamental Duties:
Ans. Article 51A.

10. Which Article is related to Duties of Chief Minister ?
Ans. Article 167.

11. Which Article is related to Finance Commission:
Ans. Article 280.

12. International Olympic Committee (IOC) founded in :
Ans. In 1894 , Headquarters in Switzerland.

13. Where is the Headquarter of WTO (World Trade Organisation) ?
Ans. Geneva.

14. International Olympic day celebrated on ?
Ans. June 23.

15. Bamboo is classified as:
Ans. Grass.

16. Which country Known as Asia Minor:
Ans. Turkey.

17. Which planet is Known as red planet ?
Ans. Mars.

18. The Kullu Valley is formed by Which river ?
Ans. Beas.

 19. How many railway stations have been developed under the Adarsh Station Scheme (ASS) ?
Ans. 1103.

20. Kimono is a dress style of Which Asian country ?
Ans. Japan.

21. When is World day against child labour observed ?
Ans. 12 June.

22. The Heaviest naturally occuring element is:
Ans. Uranium.

23. A Tachometer is a device used to measure :
Ans. Speed of rotation.

24. Which planet is Known as coldest planet ?
Ans. Neptune.

25. National Science day comes on:
Ans. 28 February.

26. An Important river of Indian desert is:
Ans. Luni.

27. Source of energy in ecosystem:
Ans. Sun.

28. The Northen part of the Western coast is Known as:
Ans. Konkan Coast.

29. Majuli, the largest island in the world, lies in the state of :
Ans. Assam.

 30. Which of the following device is used to measure humidity ?
Ans. Hygrometer.

31. The original name of Swami Dayananda Saraswati was:
Ans. Mul Shankar.

32. Which soil is rich in potash and phosphorus:
Ans. Alluvial Soil.

33. Karakoram pass is a mountain pass between India and :
Ans. China.

34. Nathu -La pass is situated in Which state:
Ans. Sikkim.

35. What is the position of India in terms of Area in the World :
Ans. Seventh.
36. Which Soil is Most Suitable for Cotton:
Ans. Black Soil.

37. Palk Strait separates :
Ans. India and Shri lanka.

38. Mansarovar Lake is situated in:
Ans. Tibet.

39. ‘ Loktak ‘ is a:
Ans. Lake.

40. The pass located in himachal Pradesh:
Ans. Shipkila.

41. In Which state is the Guru Shikhar peak located ?
Ans. Rajasthan.

42.  The coast that belongs to Kerala is Known as:
Ans. Malabar Coast.

43. Which is the highest plateau in India:
Ans. Ladakh Plateau.

44. Which hill station’s name means ‘ place of the thunderbolt’ ?
Ans. Darjeeling.

45. The Himalayas is the example of:
Ans. Fold Mountains.

46. The Outermost range of Himalaya is called :
Ans. Shiwalik.

47. Which is the largest state (Area wise ) in India ?
Ans. Rajasthan.

48. Which place is called as “ Silicon Valley of India “ ?
Ans. Bengaluru.

49. Raipur is the capital of Which Indian state ?
Ans. Chhattisgarh.

50. Where is Indian Institute of Petroleum located ?
Ans. Dehradun.

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