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Pspcl Clerk Exam Gk Questions For 2019 Exam. These are important Questions contains Current Affairs, Science, Rank of India, for Pspcl Clerk Exam.

Pspcl Clerk Gk , Pspcl Exam Gk

    1. What is India’s Position in the Global Innovation index, 2019 ?
Ans. 52 Rank

    2. Who has been Awarded the 2019 Ramon Magsaysay Award ?
    Ans. Ravish Kumar

     3. Who was the First Chief Justice of India ?
 Ans. Justice Hiralal J. Kania

    4.  When will the Indian Space Research Organisation  launch the Chandrayaan-2 :
Ans. 22 July , 2019.

     5. Who has created history by becoming the only woman   to have elected to Parliament from Kerala ?
 Ans. Remya Haridas.

     6. Which country passport has been named the most  powerful in the world according to Henly Passport Index  2018 ?
Ans. Japan.

     7. Recently, Sushma Swaraj passed away she was the first  Woman CM of :
Ans. Delhi.

     8.  Who was the first speaker of Lok Sabha :
Ans. G.V. Mavlankar.

    9. When was First Asian games organized ?
Ans. Delhi ( In 1951)

    10. First Woman Chief Minister of the State :
    Ans. Sucheta Kriplani.

    11. What is the Rank of India in the World Press Freedom Index 2019 ?
Ans. 140 Rank.

     12. The International  Olympic Day is observed every   year on:
 Ans. 23 June.

    13. The Ore of Aluminium is :
    Ans. Bauxite.

    14. Which Ground is called the “ Mecca of Cricket “ ?

Ans. Lords Cricket Ground in England.

    15. Ranjhi Trophy is related to Which Game ?
Ans. Cricket

    16. Who was the founder of Arya Samaj ?
Ans. Dayanand Saraswati.

    17. Chilka Lake is situated in:
Ans. In Odisha.

    18. Vembanad Lake is situated in :
Ans. In Kerala

    19. Study of Mountains is called :
Ans. Orology
    20. The S.I. Unit of Work is:
Ans. Joule.

 21. The process of arranging data in Logical Sequence is called:
Ans.  Sorting.

22. Who invented E-mail ?
Ans. Tim Berners-Lee

23. Right to privacy comes under :
Ans. Article 21

24. The Largest Irrigation Canal in India is called :
Ans. Indira Gandhi Canal.

25. Who was the First Indian Governor of the Reserve Bank of India:
Ans. C.D. Deshmukh.

26. Thomas Cup is related to :
Ans. Badminton.

27. The appointment of a Governor in a State is made on which Article :
Ans. Article 155.

28. What is the old Name of Punjab ?
Ans. Sapta Sindhu.

29. What is the all India Rank of Punjab in terms of Area ?
Ans. 16 Rank.

30. How many wetlands in Punjab ?
Ans. Three Wetlands.

31. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the founder of:
Ans. Brahmo Samaj.

32. The Election Commission is Established under the Article :
Ans. Article 324.

33. When was Railway System Established in India ?
Ans. In 1853.

34. Zozila pass connects:
Ans. Leh and Srinagar.

35. In Which state Guru Shikhar Peak Located ?
Ans. Rajasthan.

36. Mac Mohan Line is boundary Line between :
Ans. India and China.

37. The Highest waterfall in India is :
Ans. Jog falls in Karnataka.

38. Bronze is an alloy of:
Ans. Copper and tin.

39. Who won Femina Miss India World 2019 Title ?
Ans. Suman Rao.

40. Which country will host the 2023 Asian Cup Football ?
Ans. China.

41. Where was India’s first-of-its Kind ‘ Voter Park’ inaugurated in April 2019 ?
Ans. Gurugram.

42. Who has been appointed as Brand Ambassador of Redbus in April 2019 ?
Ans. MS Dhoni.

43. Who became the First Indian to Win an election in Japan ?
Ans. Puranaik Yogendra.

44.  The Chemical Name of Baking Soda is :
Ans. Sodium bicarbonate.

45. Tesla is a unit of :
Ans. Magnetic Field.

 46 . Which mirror in vehicles is used to see the objects coming from behind ?
Ans. Convex Mirror.

47. Who have been appointed as the Brand Ambassador of Myntra in 2019 ?
Ans. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma.

48. The Vitamin which helps in clotting of blood is:
Ans. Vitamin K.

49.  What is the chemical name of vitamin E ?
Ans. Tocopherol.

50. Name of measurement unit of current is:
Ans. Ampere.

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