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Punjab Gk - Important Notes :

Punjab Gk , Punjab Gk notes
Punjab Gk Notes

Capital Of Punjab –

Chandigarh is the Capital of Punjab  and Haryana.  The  Master plan of the city was prepared  by  French Architect Le Corbusier. All India  Area  Rank  of  Chandigarh  is 34th.   The Present Punjab came into Existence on 1 November 1966. The Symbol or Emblem of Chandigarh is Open Hand.

Lok Sabha Seats in Punjab –

There are 13 Lok Sabha Seats in Punjab. The Names of the Lok Sabha Constituencies in Punjab are Gurdaspur, Amritsar, Khadoor Sahib , Jalandher, Hoshiarpur, Anandpur Sahib, Ludhiana, Fatehgarh Sahib, Faridkot, Firozpur, Sangrur , Patiala and Bathinda.

Rajya Sabha Seats in Punjab –

There are 7 Rajya Sabha Seats in Punjab.

Symbols of Punjab –

The State Tree of Punjab is Shisham.
The State Animal of Punjab is Blackbuck.

Regions in Punjab –

In Punjab there are three regions:
 Majha  ( Between Ravi and Beas River)
 Malwa  (Between Beas and Sutlej River)
 Doaba   (Southern Part of Punjab)

Area of Punjab –

Area of Punjab is 50,362Km2.
All India Area Rank of Punjab is 20th Rank.

Districts and Vidhan Sabha Seats –

22 Districts in Punjab.
And 117 Vidhan Sabha Seats.
Kapoor Singh was the First Speaker of Vidhan Sabha.
There are 82 Tehsils and 87 Sub Tehsils in Punjab.

Famous Cities –

Kartarpur city of Punjab is famous for Furniture Goods.
Mandi Gobindgarh is Known as Steel city of Punjab.
Jalandher city is famous for Sports Goods.
Khanna city is Known as biggest grain Market of Punjab.

Wetlands in Punjab –

Three Wetlands in Punjab –
Harike Wetland ( Tarntaran)
Ropar Wetland
Kanjali Wetland ( Kapurthala)

Administrative divisions of Punjab –

5 Divisions
    1.  Faridkot
    2. Ferozpur
    3.   Jalandher
    4.   Patiala
    5.  Ropar

Latitude and Longitude of Punjab –

Latitude     :  Ans. 29.30N to 32.32N
Longitude  :  Ans.  73.55E to 76.50E

Largest Forest Area District of Punjab :
Ans. Hoshiarpur

Who is the writer of famous Punjabi Qissa ‘ Heer Ranjha ’ ?
Ans. Waris Shah

Kila Riapur is situated near Which city of Punjab ?
Ans. Ludhiana.

Old Name of Punjab:
Ans. Sapta sindhu

Crop Seasons –

Kharif crops are sown in:
Ans.  May , June.

Kharif Crops Harvested in:
Ans. August, September

Rabi Crops are sown in:
Ans. In Winter , November.

Rabi crops harvested in:
Ans. April/ May

Major Kharif Crops:
Ans. Rice , Jowar , Maize , Cotton , Groundnut.

Major Rabi Crops:
Ans.  Wheat , Potato.

When was Jallianwala incident took place ?
Ans. 13 April 1919.

Who wrote Qissa Puran Bhagat ?
Ans. Qadaryar

Who is Known by Father of Modern Punjabi History ?
Ans. Mohan Singh.

Nawan Jahan was written by Which Punjabi writer ?
Ans.  Dhani Ram Chatrik.

Piran the Praga was written by Which Punjabi writer ?
Ans.  Shivkumar Batalvi.

History –

What is the Birth Name of Banda singh bahadar ?
Ans. Lachman Das.

When was Battle of Sirhind held ?
Ans. In 1710.

Who is the founder of Ghadar Party ?
Ans. Sohan Singh Bhakna.

Who was the most long lived Guru ?
Ans. Guru Amardas Ji.

What was the original name of guru angad dev ji ?
Ans. Bhai lehna ji.

Which city was founded by  Guru Amardas ji ?
Ans. Goindwal.

Who abolished the Zamindari System ?
Ans. Baba Banda Singh Bahadar

Who wrote “ Zaffarnama “ ?
Ans. Guru gobind singh ji.

When did Aurangzeb Die ?
Ans.  3 March , 1709 A.D.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh –

Bhagat Singh born on 28 september 1907. Father Name of Bhagat Singh is Kishan Singh. Bhagat Singh Died on 23 March 1931.

Sardar Udham Singh –

Sardar Udham singh born on 26 December 1899.
Father Name of Udham Singh is Tehal Singh.
Udham Singh Died in 31 July 1940.

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