World Geography Questions and Answers Pdf | Part -1

World Geography Questions and Answers Pdf :

Hello , In this post we provide World Geography GK Questions and World GK Quiz for You. And you can download pdf of this from below post. Important World Geography questions and Answers Pdf. These one linear questions are important for RRB , State level Exams , SSC and for all other exams.

World GK , World Geography Pdf

World Geography GK :

Administrative capital of South Africa is Pretoria.

➞ Africa is Known as dark continent

➞ Sri Lanka country is Known as ' Pearl of East '

➞ The Largest producer of Gold in the world is South Africa.

➞ The Palk Strait lies between Bay of Bengal and Gulf of Mannar.

➞ Atlantic Ocean is Known as ' Herring Pond '

➞ Lianos is the name of the grassland in South America.

➞ Low-latitude grasslands in south america is called Pampas.

➞ Kangaroo is the main Animal of Australia.

➞ Atacama desert is in South America.

➞ 95% of world's diamond reserves are found in Kimberley.

➞ Kuwait is the leading producer of Oil.

➞ Largest Oil field in Iraq is Kirkuk.

➞ The Mojave desert is located in USA

➞ Gibson desert is located in Australia.

World Geography GK Questions :-

1.Which country is known as the “ Cockpit of Europe ” ?
Ans. Belgium.

2.Which country is Known as the ‘ Land of Thousand Lakes ’ ?
Ans. Finland

3.Which countries are separated by the 49th parallel ?
Ans. USA and Canada.

4.The country whose 40 percent of area is below sea level at high tide is :
Ans. The Netherlands.

5.Suez Canal is located in which of the following countries ?
Ans. Egypt.

6.Name the largest desert of Asia ?
Ans. Gobi desert.

7.Name of the strait separates Asia from Africa ?
Ans. Bab-al-Mandeb.

8.The longest river in the world is :
Ans. Nile.

9.Source of River Nile is :
Ans. Lake Victoria.

10.The driest location on Earth is in which country ?
Ans. Chile.

11.Nippon is the name given to japan which means :
Ans. Land of the rising sun.

12.The country where drip irrigation is more efficiently used is :
Ans. Israel.

13.The most populous and oil-rich country in Africa is :
Ans. Nigeria.

14.Which country is the largest producer of timber ?
Ans. United States.

15.Largest producer of Bauxite in the world is :
Ans. Australia.

16.Name of the world’s largest mining port ?
Ans. Port Hedland in Australia.

17.Name of the world’s deepest lake ?
Ans. Lake Baikal.

18.The highest waterfall of the world is :
Ans. Salto Angels Falls.

19.The World’s highest waterfall is in :
Ans. Venezuela.

20.The Panama Canal links :
Ans. Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

Quiz Questions :

1. The World's Largest Lake is ?
A. Lake Superior
B. Lake Victoria
C. Caspian Sea
D. Black Sea 

... Answer is C)
Caspian Sea

2. Which River Crosses Equator twice ?
A. Amazon
B. Congo
C. Nile
D. Orinoco 

... Answer is B)

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