How to Prepare for PCS (Punjab)

 How to Prepare for PCS (Punjab) :

Hello, candiates if you are preparing for PCS Exam. How to Prepare for PCS (Punjab) . Which tips you should follow before start your PCS Exam Prepration. And Which books are mainly you should have for start your prepration. How Prepare Punjab Civil Services Exam. All the things are discussed below : 

How Prepare Punjab Civil Services Exam

1. Understand the exam.

Even before you start running the race ,you should know well about it – it’s destination ,it’s course of track, time period and efforts required.Generally it takes
atleast a years preparation to clear the exam. Sometimes ,it may take a few years too. You should have Knowledge all about the Pattern of Exam. You should have 
Knowledge , which books are required for this Exam. What is Right time for Start your Prepration ?

Syllabus of Exam. The Syllabus for UPSC and Punjab Civil Services is highly similar with a slight difference. For Punjab Civil Services Exam candiate should be well 
aware of the history , culture , economy and geography of Punjab.

Punjab Pcs exam conducted in three stages  :

A) Prelims
B) Mains
C) Interview

2. Lay out a road map.

Never venture into anything without a plan .
The crucial questions are :

1) Which year’s Prelims are you targeting ?

2) What will be your strategy?

3) Will you prepare on your own or join any institute ?If yes which one and in which city ? 

4) What kind of support will you require ?
From Family ,Institute /Guide /Mentor etc.

Why this suggestion ?

A well laid road map will give you conviction and save your time .Else I have seen students confused for months about how to prepare even after they have
 joined institutes .Unaware of the books. 

3. Making a booklist 

Market and Internet are flooded with so many material, books, coaching notes that its so easy and natural to be lost in this sea. So, you should make own book list and followed it sacredly. And read all  books,material at least 10 times before my first attempt.

 Making daily timetable and long term plan This step is important as otherwise you will lose track.You will have to plan well in advance for prelims and Mains. 
Start your preparation with Mains syllabus and cover your syllabus well in time before prelims.Before prelims, devote 3 months exclusively to prelims preparation.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses -
PCS is not a test only of knowledge. There are many other criteria which are tested as well such as the ability to interlink topics, logical and rational analysis 
of issues etc.


This is a very vital tips that every aspirant should have to do it. Make your own notes upon current issues & upon optional subject.

Book list would be------

1. History: Bipin Chandra, (History of modern India) 

2. Economics: Economics by Ramesh Singh

3. Indian Polity: M. Laxmikant 

4. Geography: For Indian Geography and World Geography, Prefer GC Leong and also Majid Hussain

5. Ecology: For this one should read NCERT of 9 to 12th standard.

6. Currents affairs: The Hindu and Yojana or Monthly Ebooks

7.  Sada Punjab Book

If you have enough time,you must go through NCERT books deeply, in first reading you may not get it easily. NCERT will give you a strong base. From each chapter start making notes, in starting you might think everything is important but slowly you will understand what is important or what is not.

NCERT  (from 6th to 12th class) - For Geography, History

 PPSC never goes out of syllabus so stay focus on syllabus

Do This :

Try this technique - work with full concentration for 50 minutes and then take a break for 10–15 min. You can change the focused time in the range of 45–60 min
 depending on your ability. You will achieve more than you do by continuous study of several hours.

 Break down the curriculum into small, achievable chunks. Focus only on completing a chunk in a given period of time. Don’t think of the overall picture as it pulls you down.

 Find friends who are appearing for the same exam. You will have a common focus, and they will not distract/entice you into other activities.

 Do short courses on reading fast and memory skills. It takes less effort to do more after that.

 Sleep well, and do some physical exercise. It keeps your fitness levels up.

 Do regular meditation in morning . Try to see one thing for few minutes continuously. Talk to yourself. Do regular exercise or join gym . Always think positive in negative situations. Always keep a winning attitudes. Try to sit still for few hours.


 First quickly read NCERTs & then start reading newspaper.
 Join test series Program before prelims & mains examination.
 Create confidence in you. You have to do it by yourself.

 Plan you day a night before. This list should not be over burdened that you don't even get time for any other work. This will help you to decide what you want to do. And keep your study on track.

At starting don't think that suddenly you will start studying for 8–10 hours daily with full concentration. The habit of studying develop slowly. 
You should start with small chunks and gradually increase it. This will slowly increase your concentration level even in the big block of study.

Take proper breaks during study. Do not study continuously for more than 2 hours. Because concentration level generally starts decline after this much mental work.

When you feel tired then change your subject so that your energy level and concentration level comes back in your pace.

4. Clear the Exam :

Give your heart & soul to this exam and clear the Exam.

How to Prepare for PCS (Punjab) , Punjab PCS Prepration Strategy . How Prepare Punjab Civil Services Exam . Punjab PCS Exam Books. 

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