List of Important Books Released in 2020

List of Important Books Released in 2020 :

Quiz of GK Questions , Books and Authors General Awareness Questions , Books And Authors Current Affairs 2020 ,You will get Information About all the Important Books released in 2020. List of Important Books Released in 2020  In The Last You can attempt Quiz of these Questions.

Author and Books Current Affairs

List Of Books Released in 2020 :

Author Book
Urjit Patel Overdraft : Saving the Indian Saver
Hussain Zaidi The Endgame
Kamlesh Sutar 36 Days
Baldev Singh Sadaknama Suraj Kade Marda Nahi ( Sun Never Dies )
Priti K Shrof Messages fro Messangers
Sadhguru ( Jaggi Vasudev ) Death - An Inside Story
Dharmendra Rai The Thin Map Mind
Lord J Lord of Anonymity
Dhiren Tiwari The Crossfire of Love
Hemendra Kumar Roy Raater Kolkata
K. Ramakrishna Rao A Child of destiny
S Jaishankar The India Way : Stratigies for an Uncertain World
Sudha Murty How the Onion Got its Layers
V. Krishnaswamy Shuttling to the Top : The Story of P.V. Sindhu
Viral V. Acharya Quest for Restoring Stability in India
Stephen King If it Bleeds
Steve Waugh The Spirit of Cricket - India
Ruskin Bond A Song of India
S Jaipal Reddy Padi Bhavajalau
V Pattabhi Ram Future of Higher Education - Nine Mega Trends
Mark Honigsbaum The Pandemic Century
Rupa Srikumar And A.K. Srikumar Mahaveer : The Solider who never died

Quiz Questions:

1. The Thin Map Mind Book is written by ?
A. Dhiren Tiwari
B. Ramesh Singh
C. Dharmendra Rai
D. Sudha Murty;
... Answer is C)
Dharmendra Rai, 1780


2. What is the Name of the Author of Book ' The Endgame " ?
A. Priti K
B. Hussain Zaidi
C. Akash Trivedi
D. None of these 
... Answer is B)
Hussain Zaidi


3.Who is the Author of the Book " The Spirit of Cricket " ?
A. Rana Gurmeet Singh
B. S Jaipal Reddy
C. Rajinder Singh
D. Steve Waugh 
... Answer is D)
Steve Waugh

4. Author of the Book " Sun Never Dies "?
A. Viral V. Acharya
B. Kumar Roy
C. Baldev Singh Sadaknama
D. None of these;
... Answer is C)
Baldev Singh Sadaknama

5. " A Song of India " is written by ?
A. Stephen King
B. Ruskin Bond
C. Kamlesh Sutar
D. Ramesh Singla;
... Answer is B)
Ruskin Bond


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