50 GK Question in English

 50 GK Question in English :

Hello students you all Know well General Knowledge plays important role in every competitive Exam. So, here we update. General Knowledge Question and Answers. 50 GK Question in English. 50 General Knowledge Questions covered from Previous exams. All these are selected questions.

50 General Knowledge Question in English

50 GK Question in English :

1. The longest bone in the human body is:

Ans. Femur.


2. Who discover Pencillin ?

Ans. Alexander Fleming.


3. Blood group was discovered by:

Ans. Landsteiner.


4. The Vitamin most readily destroyed by heat is :

Ans. Ascorbic Acid.


5. An instrument for measuring blood pressure is called:

Ans. Sphygmomanometer.


6. The deficiency of Iron in man result in :

Ans. Anaemia.


7. Which enzyme converts proteins:

Ans. Trypsin.


8. Goitre is caused by the deficiency of:

Ans. Iodine.


9. Vitamin C is also Known as:

Ans. Ascorbic acid.


10. Myopia is a disease connected with:

Ans. Eyes.



11. Lactogenic Hormone is secreted by:

Ans. Pituitary gland.


12. Enzymes are :

Ans. Proteins.


13. The deficiency of vitamin A causes :

Ans. Night blindness.


14. Minamata disease is caused by:

Ans. Mercury.



15. The Highest concentration of Urea is found in:

Ans. Hepatic Vein.


16. Riboflavin is a :

Ans. Vitamin.


17. In man the Normal number of chromosomes is:

Ans. 46



18. The metal present in haemoglobin:

Ans. Iron.


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19. The metal present in the chlorophyll is:

Ans. Magnesium.


20. The Important suger in honey is:

Ans. Fructose.


21. First woman speaker of Lok Sabha:

Ans. Meira Kumar.


22. Dal Lake is situated in which state:

Ans. Srinagar (jammu and Kashmir)


23. Hawa mahal is situated in:

Ans. Jaipur (Rajasthan)


24.Where is Chilka lake situated :

Ans. Near Bhubaneshwar ( Odisha )



25. Chemical name of common salt is:

Ans. Sodium Chloride.


26. In galvanization iron is coated with:

Ans. Zinc.


27. Dry ice is the solid form of :

Ans. Carbon dioxide.



28.The gas liberated in the Bhopal gas tragedy was:

Ans. Methyl isocyanate.


29. Heavy water is also known as:

Ans. Deuterium oxide.


30. Entomology is the study of:

Ans. Insects.

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31. How many watts in one Horse Power?

Ans. 746 watt.


32. Which metal is liquid at room temperature:

Ans. Galium.


 33. Kanchenzunga National Park is located at :

Ans. Sikkim.


34. Which day is celebrated as National Sports Day ?

Ans. 29 August.


35. Name of the longest Railway Platform in India :

Ans. Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh)


36.Name of the longest day :

Ans. 21 June.


37. Which is the Shortest day ?

Ans. 22 December.


38. Which state is known as first organic state ?

Ans. Sikkim


39. Fuse wire is made up of:

Ans. Lead and Tin.


40. Which planet of solar system is known as coldest planet?

Ans. Neptune.


41. Largest planet of solar system is :

Ans. Jupiter.



42. The first metal used by man was :

Ans. Copper.


43. For respiration in deep sea, divers use mixture of:

Ans. Oxygen, Helium and Nitrogen.


44. Haber process is used to produce:

Ans. Ammonia.


45. A device used for measuring depth of sea is called:

Ans. Fathometer.


46. Jaundice is a disease which affects:

Ans. Liver.


47.The largest bone in the human body is :

Ans. Femur.



48. What is the chemical formula of washing soda:

Ans. Na2CO3.


49. C.V Raman won Nobel Prize for which category:

Ans. Physics.


50. Which metal is Extracted from sea water:

Ans. Magnesium.

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