General Knowledge Games Questions

 General Knowledge Games Questions :

Hello Students today we update General Knowledge Games Questions. Sports General Knowledge is important for Exams. You will get here questions from previous papers. Olympic Games GK Questions , World Cup General Knowledge Questions. Games GK Questions.

Sports GK

General Knowledge Games Questions :

1)  Ryder Cup is awarded to the players of :

A.   Football

B.   Golf

C.   Basketball

D.  Hockey

Ans. (B) Golf


2) Neeraj Chopra is associated with which sports ?

A.  Kabaddi

B.  Cricket

C.  Wrestling

D.  Javelin Throw


Ans.  (D) Javelin Throw


3) First Indian to Score a triple century in Test Cricket ?

A.   Virender Sehwag

B.   Sachin Tendulkar

C.   Sourav Ganguly

D. MS Dhoni


Ans.  (A) Virender Sehwag


Virender Sehwag became the first Indian to score a triple century when he hit 309 against Pakistan in Multan in 2004.


4) Men’s Singles Wimbledon Championships 2016 , is bagged by :

A.   Roger Fedderer

B.   Milos Ravnic

C.   Andy Murray

D.  None of these


Ans.  (C) Andy Murray

5) Which of the following countries won Euro Cup 2016 (football) ?

A.  France

B.  Portugal

C.   Germany

D.  Iceland


Ans.  (B) Portugal

By Defeating France  Portugal won Euro Cup 2016 (football).


6) Who won the first medal for India at the Rio Olympics ?

A.   P.V. Sindhu

B.   Narsingh Yadav

C.   Babita Kumari

D.  Sakshi Malik


Ans. D.  Sakshi Malik

Female Wrestler Sakshi Malik on 18 August 2016 , secured India’s

first medal for India at the Rio Olympics.


7)  ‘ Ranji Trophy ’ is associated with :

A.   Hockey

B.   Football

C.   Cricket

D.  Kabaddi


Ans.  (C) Cricket


8)  Where is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee located ?

A.   Italy

B.   Switzerland

C.   Belgium

D.  France


Ans. (B) Switzerland


9) Which was the First country to host the Asian Games ?

A.   Korea

B.   India

C.   Japan

D.  China


Ans. (B) India

The First Asian Games was organized in Delhi in 1951.


10)  How many rings are there in the Olympic flag ?

A.   4

B.   5

C.   6

D.  7 

Ans. (B) 5


11)  ‘ Agha Khan Cup ’ is associated with the game ?

A.  Cricket

B.   Football

C.   Lawn Tennis

D.  Hockey


Ans. (D) Hockey

12) The First Commonwealth Games in 1930 was held in which country ?

A.   Canada

B.   New Zealand

C.   England

D.  Australia


Ans.  (A) Canada

13) The 18th Asian Games also known as ‘Asiad ’ was held in 2018 in :

A.   Bangkok

B.   Beijing

C.   Jakarta

D.  Seoul


Ans.  (C) Jakarta

14) With which sport is P.V. Sindhu associated :

A.  Shooting

B.   Boxing

C.   Swimming

D.  Badminton


Ans.  (D) Badminton


15) The First Asian city to host Summer Olympics was :

A.   Moscow

B.   Beijing

C.   Tokyo

D.  Singapore


Ans.  (C) Tokyo


16) The 2014 Shooting World Championships was held in :

A.   Granada in Spain

B.   New Delhi in India

C.   Toronto in Canada

D.  Moscow in Russia

Ans.  (A) Granada in Spain


17)  How many players are there on each side in the game of basketball :

A.   6

B.   7

C.   4

D.  5


Ans.  (D) 5


18)  Who is named as the Flying Sikh of India ?

A.   Mohinder Singh

B.   Ajitpal Singh

C.   Joginder Singh

D.  Milkha Singh


Ans. (D) Milkha Singh


19)  Thomas Cup is associated with which of the following sports ?

A.   Cricket

B.   Football

C.   Basketball

D.  Badminton


Ans.  (D) Badminton


20)      Babita Kumari represented India in the Rio Olympics 2016 in which sport ?

A.   Boxing

B.   Wrestling

C.   Hockey

D.  Badminton

Ans.  (B) Wrestling.

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