Current Affairs 2021 Questions and Answers in English

 Current Affairs 2021 Questions and Answers in English :

Hello Students here we try to update Current Affairs 2021 Questions and Answers in English. We have collected these Question Answers from Current Affairs 2021 , it will also boost your General Knowledge for your competitive examinations. You can read other Sets from below posts. If you satisfied with these questions and this post then you can give your  feedback in comment box. These Current GK Questions are important for every exam . 

Current Affairs 2021 Questions

Current Affairs 2021 Questions and Answers in English -

1. In January 2021, who among the following was elected Secretary of the All India Chess Federation (AICF) ?
A) Sanjiv Kumar
B) Bharat Singh Chauhan
C) Om Prakash Gupta
D) Rakesh 

Answer.  (B) Bharat Singh Chauhan

2. In January 2021, Which state government has declared bird flu as a state disaster ?
A) Kerala
B) Gujarat
C) Karnataka
D) Madhya Pradesh

Answer.  (A) Kerala

3. Which edition of Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) will be held in January2021 ?
A) 25
B) 26
C) 35
D) 43

Answer.  (B) 26

4. In January 2020, Which state has decided to ban the supply of polutry from Kerala and certain other southern states ?
A) Gujarat
B) Odisha
C) Madhya Pradesh
D) Rajasthan

Answer.  (C) Madhya Pradesh

5. Who was sworn in as the Chief Justice of Telangana High Court in January 2021 ?
A) Justice Vikram Nath
B) Justice Arun Goel
C) Justice Dhirubhai Naranbhai Patel
D) Justice Hima Kohli

Answer.  (D) Justice Hima Kohli

Current Affairs 2021 Questions

6. Justice Vineet Kothari took oath as a judge in which high court in January 2021 ?

A) Madras

B) Bombay

C) Delhi

D) Gujarat

Answer.  (D) Gujarat

7. Who formally inaugurated NCC Republic Day Camp (RDC) 2021 in January 2021 in Delhi Cantt ?

A) Alok Singh Kler

B) Tarun Kumar Aich

C) Akash Kumar

D) Ranjit Dev

Answer.  (B) Tarun Kimar Aich

8. Anil Panachooran passes away in January 2021. He was related to which of the following fields ?

a) Poetry

B) Cricket

C) Medicine

D) Politics

Answer.  (A) Poetry

9. Who has taken over as first-ever woman head of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) in January 2021 ?

A) Amir Singh

B) Soma Mondal

C) Jiveet KR

D) None of these

Answer.  (B) Soma Mondal

10. Buta Singh passed away in January 2021. he was related to which of the following fields ?

A) Cricket

B) Acting

C) Politics

D) Medicine

Answer. (C) Politics

Buta Singh was a former MP of Congress from Rajasthan.

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