20 Word Meaning English to Hindi

 20 Word Meaning English to Hindi :

All of you students are welcome to this Daily Use Vocabulary Words first post. Today's post has given 20 Word Meaning English to Hindi words which are used daily but you do not know the meaning of some words. It is all common words. The meaning of 20 Word Meaning English to Hindi words is also You have been given along with it, you can easily learn the words used by reading them.

Daily Use Vocabulary Words

Daily Use Vocabulary Words :-


Word Meaning
As of Now फिलहाल
Avert टालना
Admire प्रशंसा
Stampede भगदड़
Glutton भुक्खड़
Repent पछताना
Stubborn ज़िद्दी
Sacrament संस्कार
Waggish मजाकिया
Nimble फुर्तीला
Sumptuous आलीशान
Miser कंजूस
Haste जल्दबाजी
Hubris घमंड
Me too मैं भी
No way बिलकुल नहीं
Astray गुमराह
Rectify सुधारना
Lavish खर्चीला
Anything else और कुछ

Daily Use Word Meaning in English or Daily Use Words Meaning in Hindi. Learn daily Use words

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We will update the practice sets of more such words in the times ahead for you and you can read all these practice sets and get a good knowledge, then you all have to keep your company with us.

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