Ghaint Meaning in Punjabi

 Ghaint Meaning in Punjabi :

Punjabi Word Ghaint , Ghaint Meaning in PunjabiThe word ' Ghaint ' is a Punjabi word if you do not live in Punjab, then you might not know the meaning of this word, but you must have heard the word ghaint at some point or the other. When we hear this word from others, it seems that we do not know what the meaning of this word will be. 

Ghaint Meaning in Punjabi

Ghaint Meaning in Punjabi :-

Ghaint Word is normally used to praise someone or something.

Ghaint word is used to refer as Good Looking , Awesome , Beautiful.

This word can be used for person , place etc.

Some Examples :

A) Car is beautiful.

Car ghaint hai.

B) You are looking awesome today.

Aaj Aap ghaint Dikh rahe hai.

C) Today weather is Fantastic.

Aaj Mausam ghaint Hai.

D) His Nature is Awesome.

Uska Svabhaav ghaint  hai.

E) Today Food is Very Delicious.

Aaj Khana bahut ghaint hai.

F) His Home was beautiful.

Uska ghar ghaint tha.

Hope you gotted the point , what is the meaning of ghaint. Examples are available for your clarification. Punjabi Word Ghaint Meaning. 

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