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 5 Good Habits and 5 Bad Habits :

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Write 5 good habits and 5 bad habits

5 Good Habits and 5 Bad Habits :- 

Good Habits

1) Get up Early Morning :

Getting up early in the morning or before sunrise is a great habit. This will make the whole day go better. If we start the day too late. If we get up and do it, there is no guarantee that the whole day will go well.

2) Eat Healthy Food :

The wise say that a healthy body has a healthy mind. A good body can only exist if we eat well. We have green vegetables. And eat a balanced diet and stay away from fast food.

3) Be Punctual :

Punctuality plays a huge role in the life of a successful person. So we can say

Yes, punctuality is a very good habit.

Such a person has no regrets over time.

4) Be Grateful for what you have :

Whatever you have, if you are happy with it, it is a good habit. There are many people who keep blaming God that God did not give this thing. A lot of people look at others and cry that he has this thing but I don't have it. In fact, most people don't have the things you have.

5) Exercise Daily

Exercising every day is also a good habit because we can enjoy the rest of the world only if our body is healthy. The body will be healthy only if we exercise every day.

Bad Habits : -


1) Focusing on the negatives :

In today's world the new generation of children is prone to negative things. Which they have to pay a lot later. Negative thinking never allows a person to succeed. This is a very bad habit.

2) Use of Abusive Language :

It is a very bad habit to use foul language with anyone. In this way a person's character is determined by how much wisdom that person will have.

3) Not washing hands before taking any meal :

It is a very bad habit not to wash your hands before eating which makes the body sick easily.

4) Addiction to social media :

It is also a bad habit to use social media all the time. Many people use social media for hours in a day. This has a detrimental effect on the eyes and wastes precious time.

5) Eating Junk food :

Excessive consumption of junk food is also a bad habit. This increases the risk of obesity and other diseases.

Write 5 good habits and 5 bad habits , 5 Good Habits and 5 Bad Habits.

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