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 What are the ways we can think of to avoid wastage of food :

Here we discuss What are the ways we can think of to avoid wastage of foodWe often see food wastage. Here we will read about the causes of food wastage and how we can prevent food wastage. You will read about ways to avoid wastage of food.

ways to avoid wastage of food

Causes of food waste :-

1) Improper storage of food  -

Improper storage of food is a major cause of food spoilage. The right temperature is very important to prevent food spoilage. So it is very important for us to know what is the right temperature for something.

2) Preparing too much food -

Preparing too much food also leads to food wastage. Sometimes we need less food but we can prepare more food.

3) Bad planning and management -

Improper cooking and management of food is also a cause of food wastage. We must know how much is needed. Planning should be done as per the need.

4) Wastage of food during marriage parties and functions -

Food is often wasted at weddings or party functions.

ways to avoid wastage of food 

Now we will talk about how to avoid it. 

  • When buying food items, the choice should be made keeping in mind their price and nutritional value.
  • Before you buy food, you need to know how to store.
  • You must check how much food you have the capacity to store before preparing food.
  • When preparing food for a party etc. it is very important to have an idea of ​​how many people to prepare food for. You need to know that food is not wasted.
  • There are a lot of things we don't need and they are going to deteriorate quickly. We should only buy such things when we need them.

  • Fruits, milk or milk products can be stored in the refrigerator.
  • Every food item has either a use by or best before date , You should check these dates. And you should know the difference between ' use by 'and ' best before '.
  • Cook only what you will eat.
  • In the Fridge move expiring items to the front. That way you see those items every time you open the fridge , and are more likely to use them before the expiry date.


By keeping these things in mind we can prevent food from being wasted. One last thing we will say is that even after all these precautions, if for some reason we have too much food and we don't need it, we should never throw it away. Instead, we will find many people around us who need this food.

Doing so will not waste food and will also fill someone's stomach.

What are the ways we can think of to avoid wastage of food  , ways to avoid wastage of food

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