Short Note on Brahmaputra River

 Short Note on Brahmaputra River :

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The Brahmaputra River is a trans boundary river. The Brahmaputra goes by a number of names during it's journey from the Angsi glacier in the Himalayas to the sea bay of Bengal. 

Write Short Note on Brahmaputra River

Short Note on Brahmaputra River :-

It begins as the Yarlung Tsangpo in Southwestern Tibet and becomes the Di-hang or Siangin China and Arunachal Pradesh. It flows southwest through the Assam Valley as Brahmaputra and South through Bangladesh as the Jamuna. In the vast Gangas Delta, it merges with the Padma ( name of the river ganges in Bangladesh) and finally the Meghna. From here, it is known as Meghna before emptying into the Bay of Bengal. 

The Brahmaputra River is known by several names in the four countries ( China  , India  , Bhutan  , Bangladesh) that it flows through.

The Brahmaputra River also called by " Burlung-Buthur " by the people of Assam and known as Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibetan language. 

The river is considered one of the most important and biggest river of Asia. About 2900 Km long ,  the average depth of the river 124 feet and maximum depth is 380 feet. The river flows through three countries - born in Tibet  , flowing through India and then on to Bangladesh. 

 Short Note on Brahmaputra River , Write a Short Note on Brahmaputra River.

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