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 10 Lines on Milk :

Hello Students here you will read 10 Lines on Milk. Milk is Essential for body growth and strength. Milk is a food from which we get all the vitamins and minerals. 

Lines on Milk in English

10 Lines on Milk :-

1) Milk is also known as complete food. 

2) Milk is a good source of calcium. It keeps our bones healthy. 

3) Milk is necessary for strength of our body. 

4) Milk is good for children. 

5) Milk gives us health, growth and strength. 

6) Many other products are made from milk like curd, lassi, cheese, sweets etc.

7) Milk should be kept covered in a clean container.

8) Milk must be boiled before use.

9) Fresh milk contains all the vitamins and minerals.

10) Milk we get from pets like cow, buffalo and goat.

Milk is a food from which we get all the vitamins and minerals. That is why milk is considered very important for children as it is at this age that the body grows and develops. Drinking milk also keeps bones healthy. We must drink a glass of milk every day.

10 Lines on Milk , Lines on Milk in English.

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