10 Lines on World Mental Health Day

 10 Lines on World Mental Health Day :

Hello Guys here you will read 10 Lines on World Mental Health Day. More and more can be connected to nature for mental health. Meditation can be done for good mental health.

Lines on World Mental Health Day

10 Lines on World Mental Health Day :-

1) Mental health is the well being of the mind and soul.

2) It is very important for any human being to be physically healthy as well as mentally healthy.

3) Many people today are not mentally healthy.

4) People all over the world are suffering from mental illnesses like Stress , loneliness etc.

5) Many doctors recommend meditation for this.

6) Mental Health Day is celebrated all over the world on 10th October.

7) This day works to spread mental health awareness all over the world.

8) This day was first celebrated in 1992.

9) For mental health we should do the things that make us feel happy inside.

10) If our body is healthy from diseases but we are mentally a victim of any disease then our mind will not be involved in any work.

That is why it is very important to have a healthy mind in a healthy body. For good mental health, what should not be taken so seriously as to burden the mind and worsen our mental health. Always try not to hurt anyone but not everyone can be happy all the time.

10 Lines on World Mental Health Day , Lines on Mental Health Day.

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