25 New Words with Meaning

 25 New Words with Meaning :

Hello Guys here you will read 25 New Words with Meaning. Friends, you all know that if you know English then what are the benefits for you. As well as speaking and writing English, you must also have knowledge of new English words so that you can use them in your daily life. Below are the  25 New Words with Meaning for you. 

25 New Words

25 New Words with Meaning :-

Falter   लड़खड़ाना
Coarse   खुरदुरा
Loathe    घृणा करना
Relentless   दयाहीन
Elusive   हाथ न आनेवाला

Enmity     बैर
Versatile    अनेक गुणों का

Chaos   गड़बड़ी
Redress   सुधार
Breach   उल्लंघन करना
Peruse   सोचना

Heed   सावधान
Paltry   तुच्छ
Trivial  मामूली
Sway    हिलना-डुलना
Rival    विरोधी

Indulge    लिप्त होना
Scoot    खिसक जाना
Indigent    निर्धन
Barefaced    बेनकाब
Craven    डरपोक

Stroll    टहलना
Solely    अकेले
Indispensable    परम आवश्यक
Atrocious    अति-दुष्ट

Hope you found something new by reading these words. We will continue to try to update new words like this. You have to try to stay connected with us.

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