10 Lines on Traffic Signal

 10 Lines on Traffic Signal :

Hello Guys here you will read 10 Lines on Traffic Signal. There are three colored lights in the traffic lights. Traffic lights are installed to control Traffic. 10 Lines on Traffic Rules. Lines on Traffic Rules in English.

10 Lines on Traffic Rules

10 Lines on Traffic Signal  :-

1) Traffic rules are made for the safety of the people.

2) Traffic lights are installed to control the traffic. They are installed at the place where two roads intersect.

3) There are three colored lights in the traffic lights. Red, yellow and green lights

Red light means - stop

Yellow light means - be prepared

And you have to walk when there is a green light.

4) Speed ​​limit boards are also installed on the roads. We should drive the vehicle at that speed on the road.

5) The vehicle should not be parked on the road. This can lead to traffic jams.

6) Be sure to use the indicator when turning the vehicle right or left on the road.

7) Keep a distance between vehicle while driving on the road.

8) Do not use mobile while driving.

9) In India there is a rule to drive the vehicle on the left side.

10) Do not drive while intoxicated.

In addition, vehicle headlights should be used at night. Great care must be taken when passing an oncoming vehicle.

Vehicle dippers should be used during foggy times.

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