My Hobby Essay 150 Words

 My Hobby Essay 150 Words :

Hello Guys here you will read My Hobby Essay 150 Words. Essay on My Hobby Gardening. My Favorite Hobby Essay in English.

Essay on My Hobby

My Hobby Essay 150 Words :-

Every human being must have some hobby in life. This hobby keeps him happy in his spare time. It brings happiness to the human mind. Hobbies can be many like drawing, painting, cooking, gardening etc.

My favorite hobby is gardening. I have loved gardening since childhood. The mind is very happy when I see the plant ready from the small seed.

There are many benefits of gardening. On the one hand, it keeps a person connected with nature and on the other hand, by exercising his body, the body also stays healthy. Gardening also relieves a person's stress to a great extent.

I grow a lot of flowers in my garden. When I see those flowers, all the fatigue of my body goes away.

Every human being must have some hobby so that his free time can be used wisely.

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