Two Characteristics of Shadow

 Two Characteristics of Shadow :

Hello Readers here you will read Two Characteristics of Shadow. What is Shadow. Which are the three things with which we can see the shadow. Characteristics of Shadow in English.

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Shadow is a dark area where light coming from a light source is blocked by a opaque object.

Characteristics of Shadow :-


1) The shadow depends on the size of the object.

2) It also depends on the location of the light source.   

3) It also depends on the distance of the object and how close or far the object is.

4) They also depend on the light source whether the rays are direct or Spherical.

5) No matter what color the object is, its shadow is black. 

6) The shadow can be smaller, equal or larger than the object.

If we talk about the things that are needed to see the shadow, then there are three things with which we can see the shadows.

The first - A source of light

The second - An opaque object

Third - A screen on which the shadow can be seen.

Sunlight also creates shadows that form on or near the ground. And when we walk in front of the sunlight, our shadows also walk along.
Light bulbs also create shadows because they are also a source of light.

We see in our daily life when a large object like bus, truck etc. passes by a wall and when sunlight falls on one side of it then its shadow is formed on the wall. Here the wall acts like a screen.

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