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 Gopal and the Hilsa fish Word Meaning :

Hello Students here you can read Gopal and the Hilsa fish Word Meaning. It is very important to have knowledge about the word meaning of any Lesson. Here are the important word meanings of this lesson.

Gopal and Hilsa fish lesson Word Meaning

Gopal and the Hilsa fish Word Meaning :-

Courtier         दरबारी

huge             विशाल

Downcast      उदास

Mystic        रहस्यवादी

Season        मौसम


Pay             भुगतान करना

Palace          महल

Fisherman     मछुआ

Believe            भरोसा 

Discuss           चर्चा करना

Accept            स्वीकार करना

Challenge       चुनौती

Bring                ले आना

Temper            गुस्सा

Crazy               पागल

Strangely        अजीब

Smear              बदनामी

Dress up          कपड़ा पहनाना

Disgraceful      शर्मनाक

Comic               अनोखा

Hilsa fish was being talked about everywhere in the market. The king assigned Gopal the task of bringing a big Hilsa fish but the condition was that he would not talk about the fish with anyone while bringing the fish.

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