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Opal fare changes from 16 October :

Hello Here you will read Opal fare changes from 16 October. The Opal card is like a special card for traveling on buses, trains, ferries, and trams in Sydney, Australia. You can put money on it and use it to ride these kinds of transport. It's easy to use, gives you discounts on the cost, and you can use it almost everywhere.

Opal fare changes

Opal fare changes from 16 October :-

Starting next week, people who use the Opal card for commuting in Sydney will have to pay more for their fares. The new fares will begin on October 16, and on average, commuters might see a $1 increase in their weekly costs. This means fares will go up by 3.7% in total.


But there's some good news for commuters in Sydney: starting on Fridays, the fares will be cheaper, and you'll pay 30 percent less than on other days. This change is happening because NSW Transport is stopping its frequent travel benefit scheme.


According to Opal data, most passengers aren't using the discount, so they're making a change. Starting next week, on Fridays, you can travel all day for no more than $8.90 and get a 30 percent discount on metro, train, bus, and light rail services. Also, the Station Access Fee by the Airport Link Company will go up to $16.68 for adults and $14.92 for kids and concessions.


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