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When will Optus Outage be fixed :

If you are Optus costomer then you will need to know When will Optus Outage be fixed. Optus is Australia's largest telecommunications service provider. Many people in the country enjoy its service. Its services were shut down some time ago, which has affected a large number of banks, schools, colleges, and many other operations. Optus users are reporting that the service has been down since Wednesday morning. Everyone is looking forward to when the service will launch.

Optus Outage Reason

When will Optus Outage be fixed :-

Even customers are unable to call anyone, and internet services are also down. Customers are reporting that this is the first time this has happened in such a long time.

Some service users are reporting that they are able to use the service, but many places are still closed. No exact time has been given by the CEO of the company. The company says that it is committed to doing everything right. Services will resume soon.

Optus Outage Reason :-

Optus engineers are saying this is a fault, which they will fix soon. The company is trying its best not to surprise anyone, and the service will be restored in no time.

The Communications Minister says Optus users can shift their devices to other networks using the triple zero method.

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