Semrush VS Comparison between two Plagiarism Checkers


Semrush VS Comparison between two Plagiarism Checkers

Semrush VS Comparison between two Plagiarism Checkers


Plagiarism is the number one enemy of modern writers. They upload more than 7.5 million blogs per day. With this influx, it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid plagiarism in your content.

Google and all key search engines prefer original content. The original content gets a high rank on SERPs, allowing you to attract more audience. Therefore, it is ever so important to produce content with 0% plagiarism. The best way to do so is to use an AI plagiarism checker.

This article gauges two standout plagiarism checkers of our time; Semrush and Let's see which tool wins the battle.


Semrush is a SaaS product offering 40 different tools. The software specializes in building online businesses by increasing web traffic. The plagiarism checker is a part of SEO Writing Assistant, which is excellent at pointing out any duplication in your content.   

The software compares your writing against billions of web pages. After the comparison, it highlights the copied parts. With Semrush, you can also check the primary source material as well. 

Here are key aspects of Semrush Plagiarism Checker:

Types of Plagiarism Detection 


The Semrush can detect all major types of plagiarism. It includes

  • Direct Plagiarism 

  • Accidental Plagiarism 

  • Mosaic Plagiarism 

Direct plagiarism means simply copying and pasting stuff. Accidental plagiarism occurs when you forget to provide proper citations, Semrush can alert you on it. Lastly, Mosaic Plagiarism or Patch writing happens when you rephrase a sentence from a source while maintaining the same idea. Semrush can identify and flag these issues with ease.        

Plagiarism Matrix 


To see the Plagiarism Matrix of your content, go to the Originality Section and press Check. The software will show which percentage of text is original. For plagiarized text, it will also highlight the duplicate words. 

This is how the matrix looks:

Supported Languages 


Semrush is a multilingual tool. It can review a document in 6 languages which include:

  • English 

  • German

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Italian 

  • Dutch 

The software is predominantly ideal for English and European audiences.  



Semurh is compatible with web browsers, Google Docs., and WordPress. You can access it from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection. It doesn’t have any desktop or mobile version for offline work. 

Plagiarism Removal 

Semrush offers a “Rephraser'' feature to remove plagiarism from your content. By using this, you can rewrite the plagiarized parts. 

The “Rephraser” menu offers 4 choices: Rephrase, Simplify, Expand, and Summarize. Each option uses advanced AI to rewrite the duplicated content.  



Semrush offers 3 plans; Pro, Guru, and Business. You can get Pro for $129/per month, Guru for $249/per month, and Business for $499 per month. You can also pay annually to save 17% of the total cost. is a world-class developed solely for plagiarism detection and removal. The software uses cutting-edge AI algorithms to detect any academic and non-academic plagiarism with ease. 


plagiarism checker

The versatility makes this software equally useful for students, teachers, bloggers, influencers, and other content creators. The well-defined data integrity policy ensures that all your data is completely secure.  

Let’s analyze the key aspects of 

Types of Plagiarism Detection can detect all forms of plagiarism with ease. It uses the “Deep Plagiarism” check feature to analyze your document at the micro level. This is why it can check all 7 types of plagiarism.

  • Complete plagiarism.

  • Direct plagiarism.

  • Paraphrasing plagiarism.

  • Self-plagiarism.

  • Patchwork plagiarism.

  • Source-based plagiarism.

  • Accidental plagiarism.

It also shares the sources of each type. By using this data, you can remove it from your content.


Relative Plagiarism % 


The software provides a percentage of plagiarized text in an input file. You can add the input via direct copy-paste or by uploading it from your computer. It can accept Docx and PDF files. 

ai plagiarism checker


The free version can check files including 25,000 words. Once uploaded, you need to press “Check Plagiarism” to get the results.


Supported Languages 


The software supports 27 languages. This makes it a global solution. The languages are as follows:

check for plagiarism

You can write content in any major language of the world and verify it from


The software is compatible with Web Browser and Google Play Store. This allows users 24/7 access from anywhere in the world. 

Plagiarism Removal

The software offers Paraphraser and AI ByPasser features to remove plagiarism. Both offer different approaches to make your text unique. 

Paraphrase uses AI to rephrase your content. It can rewrite your content in 10 different ways. You can choose any way as per your requirements. You can also select the tone of rephrasing as well. There is no word limit for paraphrasing.  

For AI-generated blogs, you can use AI Bypasser. This feature adds a human touch to your AI-generated blog. After this processing, you can escape regular plagiarism and AI detection tools. The free version offers 5000 characters per search. 

ai to human text converter

Pricing allows you to buy only the plagiarism checker feature for $5/ per month. For associated tools, you can get an all-in-one plan for $10/per month. The software also offers yearly pricing for the same plans as well. 

 Take Away


For any professional writer, plagiarism is intolerable. The plagiarized content stains his/her reputation and gets a negative ranking on search engine result pages. To avoid this, every writer must use a credible plagiarism checker. Our blog compares two renowned plagiarism checkers, Semrush and, against each other.

We have provided in-depth research about the type of plagiarism, percentage, supported languages, plagiarism removal methods, and pricing of these tools. Do check it out and make an informed decision about the best plagiarism checker per your requirements. If you find it useful, share it with your colleagues, family, and friends.  

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