Verizon autopay $10 discount ( 2024 Changes )

Verizon autopay $10 discount :

Verizon is a big company that helps you with your phone, internet, and TV needs. Verizon autopay $10 discount. They offer different plans for people who want to use their phones, whether they're on their own, in a family, or running a business. They also provide internet services for your home, including really fast ones called fiber-optic. Plus, they have TV packages if you want to watch your favorite shows. Overall, Verizon gives you lots of options for staying connected and entertained.


Verizon autopay discount

Verizon autopay $10 discount :

If you want to sign up for autopay with Verizon, you'll need to use a bank account or the Verizon Visa Card. Using a regular debit card or other credit card won't get you the $10 discount per month that comes with autopay.

But if you already signed up with a debit card before February 14, you can still keep getting the $10 discount for now. Verizon hasn't said how long they'll keep this offer, but for now, you can still enjoy the discount.

Why Verizon makes changes :

Carriers like Verizon might be trying to save money by avoiding credit card fees. So, they're encouraging people to pay with their bank accounts instead. If you're already getting a $10 discount for using a debit card with autopay, you can keep it. But if you're signing up for autopay now or in the future, you'll need to use your bank account.


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