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Hello Guys , In this post we cover important points of Punjab Gk , Divisions in Punjab , Wildlife Sanctuaries , Wetlands in Punjab , Punjab Geography , All the other factors ,Punjab Gk Notes,  related to Punjab , Folk dance of Punjab , Festivals of Punjab .

Punjab Gk Questions
Punjab GK

Present Punjab came into existence  1 November 1966
Lok Sabha Seats  13
Rajya Sabha Seats    7 
Capital   Chandigarh
Vidhan Sabha Seats  117
Old Name of Punjab   Sapta Sindhu
 Area  50362 Sq. Km.

Neighbour States of Punjab :-

* Punjab is situated in the North-west Part of India.
* It has jammu and Kashmir to the North.
* Himachal Pradesh to the East.
* Haryana to the South and South East.
* Rajasthan in the Southwest.
* And Shares International border with pakistan to the West.

Important Points :-

* Banda Singh Bahadur was the founder of Punjab. 
* Official Language of Punjab is Punjabi. 
* Punjabi was declared as a official language in Punjab in 1966.
* Guru Nanak Dev Ji was the founder of Sikh Religion.
* The Creation of Khalsa was intiated by Guru Gobind singh Ji.

Literacy Rate :-

Literacy Rate in Punjab on census 2011 

Male Literacy Rate in Punjab 
= 80.23%

Female Literacy Rate in Punjab
= 68.36%

Author and Novels :-

* Famous Punjabi Qissa 'Heer Ranjha' was written by Waris Shah.

* Mirza Sahiba' was written by Hafiz Barkhudar.

* Qissa 'Puran Bhagat' was written by Qadaryar.

* 'Agg the Khed' Novel written by Nanak Singh.

*'Chitta Lahu' is also written by Nanak Singh.

Q. Who are recognized the Pioneer of Punjabi Novel ?
Ans. Nanak Singh and Veer Singh.

Q. Who is Known by Father of Modern Punjabi Poetry ?
Ans. Mohan Singh.

Q. 'Nawan Jahan' was written by which writer ?
Ans. Dhani Ram Chatrik.

Q. 'Piran the Praga' was written by which writer ?
Ans. Shivkumar Batalvi.


Chandigarh :-

* Dhak is the state flower of Chandigarh.
* Blue Jacaranda is the state tree of Chandigarh.
* Le-Corbusier is the Architect and Planner of Chandigarh.

Divisions in Punjab :

1) Patiala
2) Faridkot
3) Firozpur
4) Jalandher
5) Ropar

Folk Dances of Punjab :

1) Bhangra
2) Giddha
3) Jindua
4) Sammi
5) Jaggo
7) Kikli
8) Luddi
9) Malwai Giddha
10) Jhumar

 Festival of Punjab :

1) Lohri
2) Basant Panchmi
3) Hola Mohalla
4) Baisakhi
5) Diwali 

Wetlands :

There are three Wetlands in Punjab.
* Harike Wetland
* Kanjali Wetland
* Ropar Wetland

State of Three Takht :

There are five Takht in Sikhism. Out of five, three are in Punjab. Akal Takht in the Golden temple Complex , Takht Shri Damdama sahib in Bhatinda
And Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib in Anandpur Sahib  are in Punjab. Two other are Takht Sri Patna Sahib in Patna Sahib in Bihar and Takht Sri Hazur Sahib , 
Nanded, Maharashtra.

Punjab Shares its capital with Haryana :

The Capital of Punjab and Haryana is chandigarh Which is Union Territory. There is also one common High court for both states Which is Known as Punjab and Haryana 
High Court , situated in the capital city of chandigarh.

Border with Pakistan :

When the partition of India took place in 1947, Punjab was divided into two parts : Indian Punjab and Pakistani Punjab.
Indian Punjab shares its border with Pakistani Punjab.Every Year, the wagah- Attari border ceremony is held on 14 and 15 August during the Indepedance day of pakistan 
and India respectively. Attari is a village in the district of Amritsar, India and Wagah is a village in the district of Lahore , Pakistan.

Wildlife Sanctuaries :

* Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary
* Bir Aishvan Wildlife sanctuary
* Bir bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary
* Bir Bunerheri Wildlife Sanctuary
* Bir Dosanjh sanctuary
* Bir Gurdialpura Wildlife Sanctuary
* Bir Mehaswala Wildlife sanctuary
* Bir Motibagh Wildlife Sanctuary
* Harike Lake wildlife Sanctuary
* Jhajjar Bacholi Wildlife Sanctuary
* Kathlaur Kushian Wildlife Sanctuary
* Nangal Wildlife Sanctuary


1. What is the Name of the first Governor of Punjab ?
Ans. Chandulal Trivedi.

2. First Punjabi Novelist to get Jnanpith Award ?
Ans. Sardar Gurdial Singh.

3. What is the all India Rank of Punjab in terms of Area ?
Ans. 20th Rank.

4. What is all India Rank of Punjab in terms of Population ?
Ans. 16th Rank.

5. How many Administrative Divisions in Punjab ?
Ans. Five Divisions.

6. What is the All india Area Rank of Chandigarh ?
Ans. 34th Rank.

7. What is the Name of the State Tree of Punjab ?
Ans. Shisham.

8. What is the Name of the State Animal of Punjab ?
Ans. Blackbuck.

9. Who was the first Speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha ?
Ans. Kapoor Singh.

10. How many Districts in Punjab ?
Ans. 22 districts.

11. How many Regions in Punjab ?
Ans. a. Majha
     b. Malwa
     c. Doaba

12. Largest Forest Area District of Punjab ?
Ans. Hoshairpur.

13. State Bird of Punjab :
Ans. Goshawk (Baaz).

14. Which city of Punjab is Known as Steel city ?
Ans. Mandi Gobindgarh.

15. Who was the founder of Patiala City ?
Ans. Baba Ala Singh was the founder of Patiala City.

16. Where is 'Virasat e Khalsa' situated in Punjab ?
Ans. In Anandpur Sahib.

17. When the Battle of Mukatsar happened ?
Ans. In 1705.

18. When the Battle of Bhagani Fought ?
Ans. In 1688.

19. When was Jallianwala Incident takes place ?
Ans. 13 April 1919.

20.  Moti Bagh place is located in which city of Punjab ?
Ans. In Patiala.

21. Which city was founded by Guru Amardas Ji ?
Ans. Goindwal sahib.

22. Who was the most long lived Guru ?
Ans. Guru Amardas Ji.

23. What is the Father Name of Sardar Udham singh ?
Ans. Tehal singh.

24. What was the original Name of Guru Ramdas Ji ?
Ans. Bhai Jetha Ji.

25. Who abolished the Zamindari System ?
Ans. Banda Singh Bahadur.

26. Which city of Punjab famous for Furniture Goods ?
Ans. Kartarpur (Jalandher)

27. When was Shaeed Bhagat Singh born ?
Ans. 28 september 1907.

28. Name the first women Chief Minister of Punjab ?
Ans. Rajinder Kaur bhattal.

29. When was Maharaja Ranjit Simgh born ?
Ans. 13 November 1780.

30. How many Tehsils in Punjab ?
Ans. 82 Tehsils.

31. Sirhind canal begins from :
Ans. Ropar.

32. Sutlej River water comes from :
Ans. Bhakra Dam.

33. Who was the First CM of Punjab ?
Ans. Gopi Chand Bhargav.

34. Who was the First CM of New Punjab ?
Ans. Giani Gurmukh Singh.

35. Who was the First Governor of New Punjab ?
Ans. Dharmvira.

36. What is the Father Name of Maharaja Ranjit Singh ?
Ans. Sardar Maha singh

37. What is Mother Name of Maharaja Ranjit Singh ?
Ans. Raj Kaur.

Q38. Which Sikh Guru is related to ' Miri Piri ' ?
Ans. Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji.

Q39. ' ' Nawan Jahan ' was written by which Writer ?

Ans. Dhani Ram Chatrik.

40. Who is Known by Father of Modern Punjabi Poetry ?

Ans. Mohan Singh.

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