5 Sentences about House in English

 5 Sentences about House in English  :

The house is a place 5 Sentences about House in English where a man spends more time with the house, a lot of memories of a human being are associated with him, he tells his childhood right there. 

few Sentences about House in English

5 Sentences about House in English :-

1) My home is the most beautiful place in my life. 

2) I feel fully safe and secure in my home. 

3) It has four rooms. 

4) There are windows in the rooms. 

5) The windows have beautiful curtains. 

6) There is a nice kitchen in my house. 

7) My house is big and beautiful. 

8) There is a sofa set in the Hall. 

If any person goes out to work, when he comes back home in the evening, he comes home and feels very good.

 Wherever a person goes anywhere, the mind he feels at home does not seem anywhere else.

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