Write 5 Sentences About Forest

 Write 5 Sentences About Forest :

There is no one benefit of the forests, they have many benefits. Write 5 Sentences About Forest Even today, if humans did not understand that the forests continued to be cut, then in the coming time it would have very terrible consequences.

few Sentences About Forest

Write 5 Sentences About Forest :-

1) A forest is the shelter of trees and many animals.

2) Forests keep the environment clean.

3) They help in the purification of Air.

4) They cause rain in the environment.

5) Forests helps to stop floods.

6) They help to reduce pollution in the environment.

7) Forest prevents soil erosion.

8) Forests woods can also be used to make furniture.

9) Growing population and cutting of trees are  the major threat to forests.

10) We should protect forests and wildlife to conserve the biodiversity.

In today's time, many forests are being cut down and very big houses factories and buildings are being built in their place, such an environment will be affected very badly. Young children should be aware of the environment from today itself, because these children will grow up to be aware of the environment and will take care of the environment.


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