Short Essay on Online Classes During Lockdown

 Short Essay on Online Classes During Lockdown :

Essay on Online Classes , Short Essay on Online Classes During Lockdown , Benefits of Online Education , Disadvantages of Online Education During Lockdown. Essay on online classes during lockdown advantages and disadvantages. Essay on Online Classes During Lockdown. Disadvantages of Online Classes.

Essay on Online Classes During Lockdown

Short Essay on Online Classes During Lockdown :-

Online education was first introduced in India due to a lockdown. It was a new experience for both students and teachers. Because online classes have never been conducted in schools and colleges in India before.

While there are many advantages to online classes , there are also many disadvantages.

Advantages -

1) Children do not have to go to school, they can take classes sitting anywhere.

2) It saves children time that wasted on commuting. We can say that online classes save both time and energy.

3) This puts children under the care of their parents, which is a good thing in terms of safety.

4) If the child has any difficulty in learning then the parents also become aware of it.

Disadvantages -

1) In the offline classes child can immediately ask the teacher about any problem.

2) It also affects the eyes of children and when children use the phone regularly, they also get problems like headaches, bad posture.

3) Many children do not have all these equipment like computer or smartphone, internet.

4) As a result, children often waste a lot of their time on social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. due to the presence of smartphones and internet.

5) Children are not getting a class like environment because they cannot Interact with teachers in online classes.

Essay on Online Classes During Lockdown. Disadvantages of Online Classes.

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