Current Affairs May 2021 Pdf

 Current Affairs May 2021 Pdf :

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Current Affairs May 2021

Current Affairs May 2021 :-

1) Who has been announced to appoint the new Deputy Governor of RBI ?
Ans. T Ravi Sankar.

2) In which state has the Indian Army inaugurated the first "Green Solar Energy Harnessing Plant" ?
Ans. Sikkim

Capital of Sikkim - Gangtok

3) Where is the world's longest "pedestrian bridge" constructed ?
Ans. Portugal

Capital of Portugal - Lisbon

4) What is the rank of India according to 'Chandler Good Government Index 2021' ?
Ans. 49th

5) Which state has decided to increase the amount getting under its "Ashirwad Yojana" to 51000 in May 2021 ?
Ans. Punjab

6) Who has been awarded Japan's "Order of the Rising Sun" award ?
Ans. Brunette ganesh.

7) Who was awarded the "UNESCO World Press Freedom Award 2021" ?
Ans. Maria Resa.

8) Who has been sworn in as the Chief Minister of the state of West Bengal ?
Ans. Mamata Banerjee.

9) The book "Bengal 2021, An Election Diary" has been written by whom ?
Ans. Deep Halder.

10) Which state has announced the launch of "Jaganna Swachh Sankalpam Program" ?
Ans. Andhra Pradesh‌‌.

11) China has recently banned all "trade agreements" with which country in may 2021 ?
Ans. Australia.

12) Who has been awarded the "Sports Man of the Year 2021" award ?
Ans. Rafael nadal.

13) What is the new name of the railway station 'Mian Ka Bada' in Jodhpur ?
Ans. Mahesh Nagar.

14) Which day is celebrated all over India on 11 May ?
Ans. National Technology Day.

15) Himanta Biswa Sarma is sworn in as the Chief Minister of which state ?
Ans. Assam (15th )

16) Which day is celebrated all over the world on 12 May ?
Ans. International Nurses Day.

17) Which city has been declared as the most well-equipped city in India ?
Ans. Pune.

18) Which person of Indian origin was awarded the "World Food Award 2021" ?
Ans. Shakuntala Hark Singh.

19) Which state's Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has declared Malerkotla as a new district ?
Ans. Punjab.

20) What is the new name of the well-known airlines company "GoAir" rebranded itself ?
Ans. 'Go First'.

21)  Which country has completely banned the import of 'polyethylene plastic' ?
Ans. Turkey.

22) Which day is celebrated all over India on 24 May ?
Ans. Commonwealth day.

23) The Ankur Scheme has been launched by which state government?
Ans. Madhya Pradesh

24) The book India and Asian Geopolitics has been written by
A. Shivshankar Menon.

25) Which actor has been granted a Golden Visa by the UAE Government?
Ans. Sanjay Dutt.

26) Northern Railway has ordered the suspension of which Indian wrestler due to the charge of murder?
Ans. Sushil Kumar.

27) Which state has approved the "Property Damage-Recovery Bill 2021"?
Ans. Government of Haryana.

28) What is the rank of India in the ICC Twenty20 team rankings, released in May 2021  ?
Ans. 2

29) Scientists have discovered a new type of Uranium that is the lightest ever known ,  what is the newfound uranium called  ?
Ans. Uranium- 214

30) Who has come up with his new book titled ' Elephant ' in may 2021 ?
Ans. Paul Pickering.

31) When is the International day of Families observed  ?
Ans. 15 May.

32) Shammi Silva has been reelected as the president of Cricket of Which country  ?
Ans. Sri Lanka.

33) Hindustan Unilever Limited has rolled out Mission HO2PE in which state  ?
Ans. Assam.

34) What is the Name of the Supercomputer unveiled by Iran in May 2021  ?
Ans. Simorgh.

35) Which city has been declared as the most well equipped city in India in May 2021  ?
Ans. Pune.

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