Rules of Kho Kho

 Rules of Kho Kho | KHO KHO Game Rules :

Kho Kho is a sport played Rules of Kho Kho by teams of twelve players who tried to avoid being touched by the members of opposing team. Only Nine players of the team enter the field. 

Kho Kho Game Rules

Rules of Kho Kho :-

There are few types of fouls they are listed below :

1) Early Kho without touch

2) Changing of direction

3) Line cut early getup. 

4) Kho not spoken

5) Turning of shoulder

6) Late Kho

KHO KHO Game Rules :

1) The Running and Chasing side is decided by toss. 

2) A team consists of 12 players in which two teams of 9 playing members play against each other alternately in four turns or quarters 9 minutes of each. 

3) Chasers team takes a sitting position in a cross line with opposite back in 8 squares and one player stand near the poles. 

4) Chasers team attempt to catch the running players while passing on Kho from one player to another. 

5) Chaser player can move only in one direction without crossing the central line. 

6) Chaser player can change his direction by touching the pole. 

7) The points are awarded by the legal touch of chaser player to the running players. 

8) An additional innings shall be played in case of equal points where time is compared to make one player out. 

9) When two turns is over this is known as innings. 

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