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 Short Note on Rainwater Harvesting :

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Importance of Rainwater Harvesting

Short Note on Rainwater Harvesting :-

Rainwater harvesting is the process of storing and collecting rainwater for future use. It is a method, in which the rainwater is not allowed to run off, but it is collected. Water from rainwater is stored in dams, wells and shafts. 

Rainwater harvesting acts as a Recharge for groundwater resources. It reduces soil erosion. Rooftop rain water harvesting is less expensive. Rainwater harvesting systems are simple which can be adopted by individuals. Rooftop Rainwater harvesting systems are easy to construct  , operate and maintain. 

It has many advantages when it rains a lot. With this technology water can be controlled and stored in rivers, canals or lakes which can avoid the problem of flooding by diverting rain water into rivers and lakes. The water level also rises. We are seeing how the water level is falling and it can be raised with rain water.

Rainwater can be used for many other purposes. Rainwater can be used for irrigation purposes. It can also save fuel cost on electric motors for irrigation

Controlling rainwater can also reduce flooding.

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