Child Labour Essay in English

 Child Labour Essay in English :

Short Essay on Child Labour , Child Labour Essay in English , Lines on Child Labour. Child Labour Essay 200 Words , Child Labour Essay in 150 Words. 

Child Labour Essay

Child Labour Essay in English :-

Childhood is the best part of life. It is full of innocence and joy. It is the part of life when we are free from all the responsibilities. In some cases, some children are burdened by the responsibility of the family so they do some work. 

Child Labour is the act of employing children in the early age. 

Children are often seen working in the workplace, whether in a shop, a hotel, or a factory. There will be many more places where young children work. So children do this work not for any hobby but under some compulsion. These children also have the consent of their parents to work.

We will now talk about the reasons behind their actions.

Poverty -

 The first reason is poverty. Many households do not have a source of income or enough income to support themselves, so children have to work in such a situation to be able to earn a living.

Lack of education - 

There are still many families today who do not attach much importance to educating their children. They do not think that a well-educated child can build a future for himself and his family. They think that the sooner they become a source of income, the better.

No worker at home -

Sometimes it is seen that in many homes children have to work when there is no one at home. Often a person who works is unable to work due to an illness and the responsibility falls on the children.

In many factories such children start working for very low wages because they are paid less than good workers.

Consequences -

Working at an early age stops the physical and mental development of children. They are burdened with responsibility all the time. They have to work long hours. They also lose their tenderness. Their desires also decrease.

Children do not have access to education and their knowledge is limited. The qualities that are supposed to come in children with education do not come.

Children live in fear all the time which stops their mental development which is why many children start taking drugs. Many children also fall into the wrong company.

Finally we talk about how it can decreased. Every child should have the right to education. Governments need to work in good faith for this. This will not only work with the cooperation of one or two people but also with the cooperation of all. We should help such children wherever we find such a case. After that, the government should help such children so that they can become literate.

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Child Labour Essay 200 Words , Short Essay on Child Labour , Child Labour Essay in English.

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