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 Write Short Note on Solar Energy :

Solar Energy , Write Short Note on Solar Energy , Note on Solar Energy in 200 Words. 

Short Note on Solar Energy

Write Short Note on Solar Energy :-

The Energy obtained from the sun is called solar energy. Sun is the source of solar energy. Plants use the energy of sun for preparing their food this process is called photosynthesis.

Solar cell convert sunlight into electrical energy. All these Equipment  such as solar cooker, solar water heater ,  solar vehicle are working with solar energy.

Solar Energy is renewable energy. So, this is the main benefit of of solar energy.
Solar energy is non polluting ,  sustainable and non conventional energy.

Solar panel is a collections of solar cell which can be used to generate electric energy through photovoltaic effect. The cells are arranged in a grid like pattern  on the surface of solar panels.

Advantages and Disadvantages : -

1) Renewable Source

2) We can store solar energy by using batteries.

3) Not creates Pollution

4) Once you invest on the solar panels you don't have to pay again and again.

Disadvantages :-

1) Very high initial cost.

2) Solar panels need space for installation.

3) No solar energy at night.

4) Low energy in winter season.

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Short Note on Solar Energy , Note on Solar Energy in 150 words.

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