Essay on Stress Management

 Essay on Stress Management :

Stress is your body 's reaction to situations that challenge you. Essay on Stress Management. It 's your body's way of getting prepared to deal with the pressures. 

How to overcome Stress

Essay on Stress Management :-

There are many causes of stress. Many people have had an accident in the past that left them under stress. Many people are stressed about their future. There are many other causes of stress.

In stress, the person keeps remembering only the thing that increases his tension. And he begins to live in stress.

We can do this to reduce stress.

First and foremost, do whatever is in your control to fix a problem. Don't take the tension of something out of your control.

You can go out somewhere to avoid stress. If you go for a walk every day, it will refresh your mind which will help in reducing stress.

Spend time with someone you love. Sitting and talking in your family will also help you to get out of stress. Living alone can also be stressful, so be sure to spend time with people you love.

 In case of stress you can watch a comedy movie or a show. Laughter will take away your tension. With it you can listen to your favorite music.

Anyone can do things that make your mind happy. Just like you can play a game, you can read a book. You can go somewhere. You can do yoga.

Excessive use of social media too often causes stress so you can stay away from social media or mobile phones for a while.

Take a deep breath and drink a glass of water when you are stressed. Be with people who can keep you happy. Adequate sleep is very important to reduce stress. Get proper rest at night and get up early in the morning.

To reduce stress, it is important to evaluate your priorities and how much you value them. Time must follow at the same time. Useless activities or people who are afraid of stress should be avoided.

We can be stress free if we start paying proper attention to everything.

Essay on Stress Management , How overcome Stress.

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