My Childhood Memories Paragraph 150 Words

 My Childhood Memories Paragraph 150 Words :

Lines on Childhood Memories , My Childhood Memories Paragraph 150 Words , Short Essay on Childhood. Unforgettable Childhood Memories Essay. 

My Childhood Memories Essay

My Childhood Memories Paragraph 150 Words :- 

Childhood is said to be the best part of life. Because childhood is a time when there is no burden of responsibility. You live in your own fun, don't worry about anything. There is no pain in childhood.

The mother is there to feed the food and the father has to take and give whatever he demands. And friends were there to play. In fact, the spectacle of living life would be at this age. If a person has had a good childhood, he has learned good experiences in his childhood, then he remembers them all his life. Some even have a bad childhood experience that lasts a lifetime.

If I talk about my childhood, I liked my grandmother very much. Her nature was very sweet. But if I make a mistake, they will kindly explain to me that it has these disadvantages, so I should listen to my grandmother and follow her. Grandma would make new dishes for me every day and then we would all sit down together and eat. After that, when it was night, Grandma would tell stories. I loved hearing stories from Grandma.

Even going to school as a child scared me a lot. Many became my friends in school then slowly school started to look good. When I had a fight with a friend in my childhood, we reunited after a short while. Childhood is such an age when a person does not have ego.

Whatever good qualities a person learns in childhood are useful to him throughout his life. Just like in childhood one appreciates time, respects elders, works hard, all these qualities are learned in childhood.

When a child was in childhood he would think when we would grow up but today when he saw the burden of responsibilities he would say that childhood was good.

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