Short Essay on My Teacher My Inspiration

 Short Essay on My Teacher My Inspiration :

Short Essay on Teacher , Short Essay on My Teacher My Inspiration , Essay on importance of teacher in our life. Lines on My Teacher My Inspiration. 

Essay on My Teacher My Inspiration

Short Essay on My Teacher My Inspiration :

The teacher's contribution to a child's life is enormous. Because a child has to spend most of his time in school. A good teacher gives life to a child. A good teacher understands what qualities are necessary for a child to succeed in life.

My teachers are also an inspiration to me. My teacher Amrinder Singh is a source of inspiration for me. I learned a lot from them. I like their ideas very much.

Amrinder Singh comes to school in plain clothes. They say that a person's intelligence is determined not by his clothes or appearance but by his intelligence.

He used to say that we should use the right words when we speak because with good words you can make a place in a person's heart and with the use of bad words you can take someone's heart. My teacher Amrinder Singh Ji's nature is such that he respects everyone. Their words and deeds go deep into everyone's heart.

They teach us in class with great interest. If a student does not understand something, they try to explain it in a different way so that all students understand. They are rich at heart. If a poor student has a problem, they help him. They do not discriminate against any student in the class.

All teachers appreciate them. I think if every school has such teachers then a good society can be created because the children who learn from such teachers will also develop good habits and contribute to building a better society when they grow up.

That is why Amrinder Singh is an inspiration to me.

Lines on my Favourite TeacherShort Essay on My Teacher My Inspiration , Lines on My Teacher My Inspiration.

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