Essay on Importance of Mother Tongue

 Essay on Importance of Mother Tongue :

The mother tongue is the language that a child learns after birth from its mother and the place where it is born. Essay on Importance of Mother TongueAs he grows older, he learns the language on his own.

Through the mother tongue one finds it easy to share one's thoughts with others.

Only after learning one's mother tongue can one learn another language. Learning a mother tongue makes it easier to learn a second language.

Importance of Mother Tongue

Essay on Importance of Mother Tongue :

As the region changes, so does the language. Every region has its own mother tongue. People learn a second language so that it does not interfere with their communication with people from another region or country.

One language has no competition with another. Every language has its own greatness. But nowadays people give more importance to English. Learning a language is not a bad thing. But a person's existence and heritage is connected with his mother tongue.

1) ' Mother Tongue ' is the language that a person learns from his infancy. 

2) It is the first language that a person learns so that he could socially engage with his parents and other relatives. 

3) Nowadays , a mother tongue is losing its importance against other languages. 

4) Language is not only used to communicate but also to preserve the culture and refinement of their race. 

5) Although English is not incomparable with any other languages ,  it is causing the death of some of the languages. 

6) Mother tongue is connected to one's thinking and emotions. 

7) To preserve the Rich cultural aspect of person existence the mother tongue should be preserved at any cost. 

8) For a child to be a participate in their classes and grow communication skills ,  mother tongue is important to learn first. 

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Essay on Importance of Mother Tongue , Importance of Mother Tongue.

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