My Mother My Best Friend Essay

 My Mother My Best Friend Essay :

I love my mother so much My Mother My Best Friend Essay  I can never forget the sacrifices she made for me. They always inspire me to do something good for my country and society. She was the first teacher to teach me to walk, to speak, and to teach me wonderful things. 

Essay on My Mother My Best Friend

They always taught me the right way. They always encouraged me to associate with good people. All the qualities I have today are due to them. They say that people remember a good person not only when he is present but also when he leaves this world. They say that a person is identified by his deeds.

When I used to get sick, they would take care of me by not sleeping. They would give me my medicine on time so that I could get well soon. They always encourage me when I'm in trouble. They stand by me in every trouble.

They wake me up early in the morning. They prepare a balanced diet for me.

My mother is my best friend. They take great care of me. I have never seen God but I consider my mother to be God. May God keep all mothers healthy and happy, this is my prayer.

 Lines on My Mother :

1) My Mother Name is ______.

2) She always inspire me.

3) She is a Housewife.

4) She wakes up early in the morning.

5) She helps me in getting ready for School.

6) She cooks food for all of us.

7) She helps me in doing my Homework.

8) I Love My Mother very much.

9) We Should respect our mother.

10) We all should take care our parents.

My Mother My Best Friend Essay , Lines on My Mother , Essay on My Mother My Best Friend.

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