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Current Affairs June 2021 :

1) When is world Bicycle Day celebrated  ?
Ans. 4 June.

2) When is world Environment Day celebrated  ?
Ans. 5 June.

3) Who has won " International Booker Prize " for fiction  ?
Ans. David Diop.

4) Who has won the Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2021 Award  ?
Ans. Thomas Vijayan.

5) Who has topped the performance grading index in School Education in June 2021 ?
Ans. Punjab.

6) Which state has topped the recently released Anemia Free Index 2020-2021 ?
Ans. Madhya Pradesh.

7) Which country has launched its weather satellite Fengyun -4B ?
Ans. China.

8) Who has been appointed as the New Election Commissioner  ?
Ans. Chandra Pandey.

9) Which city has been named the world's most liable city of 2021 by EIU  ?
Ans. Auckland.

10) Who has recently won the Prestigious Greenpreneur Award 2021  ?
Ans. Dr Charu Khosla.

11) Who has become the first woman President of " Football Association "  ?
Ans. Debbie Hewitt.

12) Who has released the eBook on 100 medicinal plants  ?
Ans. Kiren Rijiju.

13) In which country Mahatma Gandhi Library has been inaugurated recently  ?
Ans. Kenya.

14) Which state government has decided to set up a " Vedic Education and Sanskar Board  "  ?
Ans. Rajasthan.

15) Which crickter has released his Autobiography ' Believe ' in June 2021  ?
Ans. Suresh Raina.

16) Which state government has Allowed transgenders to join Police  ?
Ans. Odisha.

17) Which state government recently announced a ban on the use of ' Single Use Plastic '  ?
Ans. Bihar.

18) Who has become the highest goal scorer in the final of " European Championships "  ?
Ans. Cristiano Ronaldo.

19) When is World Blood Donar Day celebrated  ?
Ans. 14 June.

20) In which country has the Indian Mango Promotion program started  ?
Ans. Bahrain.

21) Who has written the book " Home in the World " In June 2021  ?
Ans. Amartya Sen.

22) BCCI has lifted the life ban on which player  ?
Ans. Ankeet Chavan.

23) Which country has topped the " Global Peace Index 2021 "  ?
Ans. Iceland.

24) When is " World Music Day " celebrated  ?
Ans. 21 June.

25) Which state government has announced to open a paragliding club on the name of Milkha Singh  ?
Ans. Haryana.

26) Which country has topped the " Sustainable Development Report 2021 " ?
Ans. Sweden.

27) Which city has topped in the recently released ' Ease of Living Index 2020 ' ?
Ans. Bengaluru.

28) Who has written the book " The Nutmeg's curse  "  ?
Ans. Amitav Ghosh.

29) Which country has decided to celebrate National Tennis Day on 3rd June  ?
Ans. Spain.

30) Who has started the campaign " Jaan hai to jahan hai  " ?
Ans. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

31) Who has been named as the captain of the Indian men's hockey team  ?
Ans. Manpreet Singh.

32) Who has become the first woman pilot of IAF from Jammu and Kashmir  ?
Ans. Mawya Sudan.

33) Which country has released the official Olympic Song " Lakshya Tera Samne Hai  "  ?
Ans. India.

34) Recently passed away Olympic Gold Medalist Markis Kido was related to which sport  ?
Ans. Badminton.

35) 60th National inter State Athletics championships held in which city  :
Ans. Patiala.

36) Who has been appointed as the first head of the Directorate of Religious Affairs  ?

Ans. Deepak Agarwal.

37) Who has received the highest civilian
honor of ' Mongolia ' ?
Ans. RK Sabharwal.

38) In June 2021 , who has been given additional charge of the post of chairman of National Dairy Development Board  ?
Ans. Meenesh Shah.

39) What is the Rank of India in the Global Peace Index 2021  ?
Ans. 135.

40) In June 2021 , Ebrahim Raisi has won the presidential election of which country  ?
Ans. Iran.

41) Indian Sprint Legend Milkha Singh passed away in June 2021. He was gonna with Padma Shri in which year  ?
Ans. 1959.

42) When is World Day Against Child Labour comes on :
Ans. 12 June.

43) What is the theme of the " World Day Against Child Labour 2021 " ?
Ans. Act Now : end child labour.

44) International Yoga Day is celebrated on :
Ans. 21 June.

45) What is the theme of the International Yoga Day 2021  ?
Ans. Yoga for Well Being.

46) Which city of Gujarat is being developed as Electric Vehicle City  ?
Ans. Kevadiya.

47) Who is the first Indian to Qualify for Tokyo Olympics in June 2021  ?
Ans. Sajan Prakash.

48) The International Olympic Committee has announced to give Brisbane to host the Olympics for which year  ?
Ans. 2032.

49) Which digital payment company has launched the facility to book vaccine slots  ?
Ans. Paytm.

50) In June 2021, which of the following has delivered it's first batch of " Made in India " e-bikes to Europe  ?
Ans. Hero Cycles.

Current Affairs June 2021Monthly Current Affairs , Monthly Current Affairs June 2021.

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