10 Lines on Fan

 10 Lines on Fan :

Hello Guys here you will read 10 Lines on Fan. It is very difficult to live without a fan in summer season. Fans are great for avoiding the heat. There are so many types it's hard to say. There are many different types of fans in the market today.

Lines on Fan

10 Lines on Fan :-

1) Fan give us Air. 

2) A Fan consists of a series of three radical blades. 

3) The blades are attached to a central rotating hub. 

4) Fans colours are Black  , White and brown etc. 

5) A fan works on the Electricity. 

6) The fan was Invented in 1882.

7) It was invented by Skats Wheeler. 

8) In Summer season fan is very important. 

9) In the beginning the fan motor was very big but nowadays its size is small.

10) Nowadays remote control fans are also found in the market.

10 Lines on Fan in English , 10 Lines on Fan.

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