10 Lines on Squirrel

 10 Lines on Squirrel :

Hello Guys here you will read 10 Lines on Squirrel. There are many species of squirrels. Different species are popular in many countries. Squirrels move easily from one tree to another. They also have a good running speed. Their big eyes help them a lot when jumping from one tree to another.

Lines on Squirrel

10 Lines on Squirrel :-

1) Squirrel is a very small and tiny animal.

2) There are around 280 different species of Squirrels.

3) They have long and bushy tail.

4) They have black stripes on their bodies.

5) Squirrels make their nests in branches or inside hallow trees. These nests are called dreys.

6) The lifespan of a squirrel is about 3-8 years.

7) Eagles and Hawks are enemies of Squirrels.

8) They are brown , reddish brown or grey in colour.

9) Squirrels mostly eat nuts  , fruits and seeds.

10) Their large eyes help them climb trees and avoid predators.

10 Lines on Squirrel in English. Lines on Squirrel in English.

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