10 Lines on Hand Sanitizer

 10 Lines on Hand Sanitizer :

Hello Students here you will read 10 Lines on Hand Sanitizer. Lines on Hand Sanitizer. Hand Sanitizer is useful for cleaning hands. It kills virus from hands.

Lines on Hand Sanitizer

10 Lines on Hand Sanitizer :-

1) Hand Sanitizers are used to kill microorganisms like virus or bacteria on hands. 

2) It is liquid , gel or foam. 

3) It evaporates very quickly. 

4) We should apply Hand sanitizer to the palm of one hand. 

5) Rub hands together. 

6) It helps us to clean our hand. 

7) Hand Sanitizer is also known as hand Antiseptic  or Hand disinfectant. 

8) It requires less time than hand washing. 

9) Alcohol based hand sanitizer is recommended. 

10) Do not go near flame during application of hand sanitizer

The risk of germs increases when we shake hands with a human being or sometimes our hands get stuck in crowded places and there is a risk of germs so hand sanitizer is very important to prevent germs.

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