10 Lines on Kitchen

 10 Lines on Kitchen :

Hello Guys here you will read 10 Lines on Kitchen. You will find out what facilities are necessary in the kitchen by reading these lines. We hope you find this reading helpful.

10 Lines on Kitchen in English

10 Lines on Kitchen :-

1) The kitchen is a very important part. Every day we need a kitchen to make food and drink.

2) Our kitchen has two windows and a door.

3) I do my best to help my mother clean the kitchen.

4) There is also a wall fan in our kitchen. This makes cooking in the kitchen easier in the summer.

5) There are also LED bulbs for lighting in the kitchen.

6) In addition, an electric chimney has been installed to expel the smoke.

7) There is our dining table next to the kitchen in the house.

8) There is also a fridge in the kitchen.

9) We prepare new dishes in the kitchen every day.

10) Our daily food items are made in the kitchen so its cleanliness is very important.

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10 Lines on Kitchen , Lines on Kitchen in English.

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