My Garden Essay 10 Lines

 My Garden Essay 10 Lines :

Hello Students here we have shared with you My Garden Essay 10 Lines. Many people enjoy gardening. They must take time to pursue their hobby no matter how busy they may be. By fulfilling such a hobby, the mind gets both happiness and satisfaction.

10 Lines on My Garden

My Garden Essay 10 Lines :-

1) We have a very beautiful garden in our house.

2) I am very fond of gardening.

3) There are many beautiful flowers in this garden.

4) Butterflies hover over these flowers.

5) We spend some time in the garden every morning.

6) The mind gets a lot of satisfaction by spending time in the garden in the morning.

7) In the morning I water the plants in my garden.

8) We have also planted some medicinal plants in our garden.

9) There are some fruit trees in my garden.

10) My parents also walk in the park in the morning.

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