1 Minute Speech on Internet

 1 Minute Speech on Internet :

Hello Guys here you will read 1 Minute Speech on Internet. we all know internet is important need of everyone in today life. Every one work is connected with internet. Small to small work is now connected with internet. Even we need internet for ordering the food.

Short Speech on Internet

1 Minute Speech on Internet :-

The Internet is a network of networks that connects computers all over the world. Today, the Internet has made a huge contribution in every field.

Today doctors, lawyers, teachers, lawyers, students  everyone's life not possible without internet.

All the information is available on the internet. We can get information from the internet sitting in any corner of the world. In addition, wherever we are in the world, we can connect with our family members through video calling.

Nowadays shopping is also done online. All this is possible only because of internet. Many social media apps on the internet like Facebook, WhatsApp keep us connected with the world. Any news reaches us in minutes, seconds.

While there are advantages, there are also many disadvantages of the Internet. This is very useful if used to promote your work. But many people waste their precious time on the social media apps of the internet. Many times our personal information is leaked along with the internet.

So in the end I would say that if the internet is used for the good of humanity then it would be a great work.

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