Disadvantages of Online Shopping Pdf

 Disadvantages of Online Shopping Pdf :

Hello friends here you will read Disadvantages of Online Shopping Pdf. There are lot of Advantages of Online Shopping. But here we will cover Disadvantages of Online Shopping. You can download Disadvantages of Online Shopping Pdf from the end of the post.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Disadvantages of Online Shopping -

1) Lack of close Examine -

We know that when we go to buy something offline, we look at that item very closely and check it. On closer inspection we see how much the object weighs or what size of the object will be right for us. But not all of this is possible with online shopping. So this is a big shortcoming in online shopping.

2) Frauds in Online Shopping -

Online shopping is also often fraudulent. Sometimes we find an item of another color in place of the color of the item we ordered. In addition, it is often the case that the product we have chosen is replaced by someone else.

3) Lack of interaction -

Online shopping lacks interaction. This is because at the time of offline shopping the buyer can get the product quality information from the shopkeeper.

4) Getting into the habit of shopping online -

When we shop a lot online it often happens that sometimes we don't even need the item so much but we order online which also spoils our budget. And sometimes we place an order after seeing the offer.

5) Trouble in returning -

Online shopping can be a hassle when you have to return an item. Sometimes the item is not returned or it takes time to return.

6) Waiting for Order -

Online shopping also takes three to four days or more for the product to arrive. Waiting so long also reduces the interest in the product.

7) Variation in Price -

Sometimes the price of some items is higher online than offline market.

8) Privacy issue -

Online shopping also involves the issue of privacy. Sometimes when we use our debit card or bank related information on any of the online sites we get cheated. Some unsafe people may even abuse our information.

In the end we can say that everything has many advantages but also some disadvantages. We have to make an informed decision about which items to buy online and which items we will buy right offline.

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