Write a Short Note on Hydrosphere

 Write a Short Note on Hydrosphere :

Hello Guys here you will read Write a Short Note on Hydrosphere. Write About Hydrosphere. Write About the Spheres of Earth.

Short Note on Hydrosphere

Write a Short Note on Hydrosphere :-

All the water sources on the earth  ( oceans, rivers, lakes, ice, water bodies ) collectively called Hydrosphere.

Of all the other planets, Earth is the only one that has water on it. About 71% of the earth is water. Of which 97% water is present as seawater and the remaining 3% is other sources of water.

A cycle of water runs in Hydrosphere. First the water collects in the clouds then comes down in the form of rain.

The earth is divided into four parts. These are the four divisions.

1) Hydrosphere

2) Lithosphere

3) Biosphere

4) Atmosphere

Of which we have read about the hydrosphere above.

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