10 Lines on America

 10 Lines on America :

Hello Readers you will read here 10 Lines on America. National Flower of USA , Largest City in USA by Population. National Tree of United States of America. 10 Lines on USA

10 Lines on USA

10 Lines on America :-

1) The United States of America is  Also known as USA.

2) The USA flag has 50 stars representing 50 USA states.

3) The United States is the fourth largest country in the world by area.

4) The largest city in the United States by population is New York.

5) The capital of the United States is Washington DC.

6) English is the first most spoken language in the United States.

7) The United States ranks third in the world in terms of population.

8) The United States shares a border with Canada.

9) Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States.

10) The national tree of America is the Oak Tree.

Also, if we talk about the national bird of America, it is the American Bald Eagle. And the national flower of the United States is the rose.

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